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The program of "Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Society II"(A Semester 2016) was announced.
Briefing Session on the FMSP course for the M1 students at Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences and Department of Physics or Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science (Math. Sci. Bldg., Room 056 & Science Bldg.1, Room 710
Additional recruitment of students enrolling in the FMSP course (for those enrolled in the Master Course in April 2016, in September or October 2016) (06/27-07/07)
Orientation for FMSP students (Math. Sci. Bldg. Lecture Hall, Science Bldg.1 Room 710(live telecast) & Kavli IPMU Seminar Room D (live telecast), 17:00-18:30)
Guidance for FMSP students enrolled in the program in April 2016 (Math. Sci. Bldg., Room 052 & Science Bldg.1, Room 839 (live telecast), 12:15-12:45)