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Features of the FMSP courses

The plural supervision system

Each student in this course is assigned a secondary supervisor, in addition to their main supervisor. Only FMSP instructors can take on the role of secondary supervisor.

Financial support of FMSP students

FMSP students receive a monthly grant of 150,000 yen in the Master's program (The amount of a monthly grant for the first year in the Master's program is 120,000 yen and we decide by review in March whether the amount is increased to 150,000 yen from April), and a monthly grant of 200,000 yen from the beginning of the Doctor's program. The grant will continue to be given until each student receives their PhD degree, provided that their period of benefit during their Doctoral studies does not exceed three years.The amount of the monthly grant is subject to change according to the budget of FMSP.

Qualifying Exam

FMSP students will submit their master thesis in Janury in the second year of the Master's course and take a Qualifying Examination, whereupon those to be accepted in the FMSP course for their Doctoral years will be selected.